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On 7th of September 2017, Irma the strongest hurricane ever to be recorded in the Atlantic struck the archipelago of the Turks & Caicos Islands (TCI), shortly followed, by Hurricane Maria. Many families lost their homes and businesses, and schools were devastated to the extent that thousands of children's education has been disrupted.

This unfortunate series of events has defined the past month, but has also given rise to the extraordinary displays of character of the TCI people. Combining all forms of local and international resources, the community has come together to rebuild and provide instant relief alongside government bodies, NGOs and Military Personnel.

HIRTAC is a non-profit relief initiative that works to harness the transition from urgent relief to long-term rebuilding. HIRTAC has 2 clear goals for the recovery of the Turks and Caicos Islands:

  1. Short Term: To act as an agent to support emergency relief efforts which assist local communities in restoring their lives, homes & businesses. This includes receiving donations of goods and facilitating outreach programmes/initiatives.

  2. Long Term: Invest funds raised in rebuilding opportunities for the youth of the local communities in TCI.

Please support us so that we can make opportunities that are bred internationally, available locally.

You can help: donate now.

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HIRTAC grant $20k to student-led community initiative

These incredible high school students are taking charge of getting their community facility back up and running; and we want to help!

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HIRTAC featured on PTV News Watch 8

Our chairman Laure-Astrid speaks to PTV News Watch 8 about HIRTAC and our vision of what we want to help The Turks and Caicos Islands achieve. 

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These Heroes Flew Supplies Into Provo On A Cessna From Haiti

There's no doubt that Hurricane Irma has had a heartbreaking impact on the TCI but the spirit shown by people at home and abroad over the past few days has been nothing short of inspiring.

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Stress: How to Cope

How to cope with high stress during these tough times

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Hurricane Irma: Provo

Keno Forbes, HIRTAC member advising on South Caicos, speaks live with LBC London News on his experience of the outlook post Irma & pre Maria.
Keno is the operations and human resources manager at Sailrock Resort located on South Caicos. 

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Amy Avenant, DECR's Environmental Outreach Coordinator, speaks with PTV

HIRTAC is proud to share the hard work of our enviromental advisor, Amy Avenant. 
DECR, The Tourist Board & Department of Education, with the support of Fortis TCI Ltd.,joined forces and refocused their annual 'Coastal Clean-Up Day' to 'Hurricane Public School Clean-Up Day'. Their hard work within the community aims to get Osetta Jolly & Ianthe Pratt Primary Schools re-opened as soon as possible.

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